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Plated Dishes: The Fine Art of Food - Publication Date: August 14, 2021

Keith Emerling's book “Plated Dishes: The Fine Art of Food” joyously celebrates food, art, and the creative process by tracing the journey of recipes to elegant plated dishes, captured in photographs and expressive paintings, including 20 recipes you can make yourself. Hardcover, 162 pages in full color, 9.8x8.25 inches, landscape orientation.

Foreword by Chef Brian Alberg

The Fine Art of Flowers: Flower Portraits - Oil and Watercolor
Publication Date: November 14, 2020

"The Fine Art of Flowers, Flower Portraits, Oil and Watercolor" is Keith Emerling's beautifully printed, full color, hardcover, collection of 53 fine art, oil and watercolor flower paintings with title, medium and size along with a smattering of poems, a bio and dedication, 114 pages, 9.8x8.25 inches, landscape orientation.

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