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Greeting Card Sets

5x7 Landscape Greeting Card Set


5x7 Vegetable Greeting Card Set


5x7 Tools Greeting Card Set

Greeting cards sets come in two sizes:

The first is an eight card set with 5x7 inch cards, white envelopes, eight Keith Emerling Fine Art logo stickers and a postcard with quotes and sells for $32 a set. There are six different sets: Flowers, Landscape, Still Life, Vegetables, Fruit and Tools.


The second size is a five card, A6 set, approximately 4.13x5.83 inches each with deluxe envelopes, a deluxe two sided postcard and six KEFA stickers. The price is $22.50 per set. Three different sets are available in this size: Flowers, Landscape and Vegetables.


6.25% MA sales tax is additional where applicable, Shipping is free in my Etsy Shop.

5x7 Fruit Greeting Card Set

5x7 Still Life Greeting Card Set


A6 Vegetable Card Set


A6 Flower Card Set


A6 Landscape Card Set


5x7 Flower Greeting Card Set

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